Community Standards

All members of the Williams community are welcome to be a part of Williams Switchboard: students, staff, faculty, spouses/partners, alumni, retirees, and friends. Friends are defined as:

-children of current Williams employees, if over 13 and still eligible for a Williams ID (not issued past age 23)

-those with a Williams College affiliate status (many Clark Art employees, for instance)

-those with business or other direct campus impact whose posts serve to inform the community 

We want to help build and support our community on campus, in the Berkshires, and way beyond. We seek action, collaboration, and success. 

Members of the Williams Switchboard agree to follow our community standards. We are:

* Respectful. We are respectful in our words and actions both on the site and in off-site interactions facilitated through Switchboard. Abuse and bullying will not be tolerated. 

* Well-intentioned. Any community member behaving inappropriately will be asked to adjust their behavior. Repeat offenders may be banned. 

* Here with purpose. This community's moderators reserve the right to edit or remove posts that are outside the mission of this switchboard. 

Political post disclaimer: Williams neither endorses nor opposes any political candidate or organization. The views expressed at college events involving political candidates or campaigns are solely those of the organizers and/or speakers.